Yes you ARE bias, we all are. Let's talk about it.

Have you ever made a workplace decision based off of a "gut feeling"? Do you judge people or situations based on past experiences? Of course you do or have, we all do it. It's human nature and that is how our unconscious biases show up at work.

Bias in the workplace is normal, we just need to be aware of it and mindful that it's not creating negative impacts. Learning to understand the types of bias, the reason they come up, and the challenges bias presents to a company's culture, hiring practices and employee retention can help you be more aware and practice ways to safeguard against them.

With this course you will learn to recognize bias traps, the types of biases that show up at work, and ways to tackle bias in the workplace to assist your team in building more diverse and inclusive work environments.

**This course is meant for individual use only, to inquire about large group training please contact us at [email protected] or 202-753-4555. Thank you

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